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The fantasy covers a wide range of works, from ancient mythological stories, through to books that are being written today. There are a number of fant

Young Adult

A relatively newer genre definition, young adult fiction tends to refer to fiction that is written with a specific age ground in mind, commonly betwee


The genre of adventure is possibly the oldest of all types of genre fiction that are known, although it is highly speculated that adventure stories, p

The Importance of Books

Some are worried that books have been pushed aside because of all the modern technology that is available today. Books have been around for centuries and still hold the same level of importance today. Access to Books What may have changed is the ways that books can now be accessed. There are still the traditional…

Science Fiction

The popular genre of science fiction gained its name during the 1920s thanks to a number of pulp magazines that were popular at the time. Although the


The romance genre of writing stretches back millennia and is a common theme of many great works of literature as well as the inspiration for many myth