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Book-Themed Posters: The Perfect Look to Give Your Reading Room

There is something about book lovers that many people never understand – what is it with the addiction to words and page-turning? But most book lovers are never bothered to answer this question; they feel they won’t be understood anyway. If you are a book lover, you probably want everything about you to be about…

Harry Potter

J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is well-known around the world as being one of the most successful book series ever written. The series follows th

The Odyssey

The Odyssey is one of two epic poems from ancient Greece that have been attributed to Homer. The story is framed as a sequel to the Iliad, which is th

War and Peace

Tolstoy’s epic novel, War and Peace, is world-renowned and considered by many to be his finest work and an integral work of literature. The novel foll

The Medical Advice Platform Which All Readers Will Love

Hello bookies! No, this is not a greeting for people who sell odds, but for lovers of books. Yes, bookies, because who has time for the negative energy required to call people bookworms? Anyway, lovers of words are often too immersed in the story to even care about being called bookworms. If that is what…


The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, which is almost always shortened to Hamlet, is a play written by William Shakespeare at some point between 1

Moby Dick

Herman Melville’s famous story, Moby Dick, also known as The Whale, is a novel that was published in America in 1851. The story follows the sailor Ish