Web Design and Selling Books

Before the age of the internet, it was much harder for people to become authors. They would need to purchase a typewriter, ink and enough paper. Once their manuscript had been completed, it would then be sent off to a potential publisher. There was no absolute guarantee that the book would ever attain a wide release.

Today it is possible to bypass the publishing house system and sell the book immediately. There are companies online that are willing to print professional-looking paperbacks. These tend to be published based on the number of books in demand.

While writers can now create books with ease, it is still relatively hard to sell them. Therefore, the right kind of marketing needs to be utilised. For example, the author could make a website that advertises their work. The problem is that not everyone is talented enough at web design to create a great-looking page. Those worried about this issue could visit https://klingit.com/ to get in touch with creative design professionals. They will help writers to develop the book marketing site of their dreams.

Excerpts From the Novel

If the person wants a fairly simple approach, the site could contain certain sections of the book. The aim is to generate interest without giving too much of the story away. The site will be mainly text-based. However, it is also possible to create interactive animations to make the layout seem more exciting.

Selling Audiobooks

Those who have been in the industry for a long time will have noticed that literature is now much more audio-focused. In recent years the rise of audiobooks has had a significant impact. The author may hire a professional to read their novel. A stream or download of it may then be posted onto the site. It can be accessible if the customer pays a fee.

Ordering Signed Copies

When the person relaxes with a good book, their experience will be enhanced if it contains a personalised message from the author. Signed copies tend to fetch a higher price. They are also an ideal method for marketing the novel. The website could be used to receive orders, including the message that the customer wants to be written in the book. Authors unfamiliar with ecommerce can visit the site https://klingit.com/ for help. It will put them in touch with experienced professionals who know how to develop a reliable and great-looking webpage.