Three Ways Books Inspire Unique DIY Designs

Why not undertake renovations yourself? Hiring a pro is costly. Books can help. They’re a valuable resource for home decorating. From choosing complementary hues to changing the fixtures, do-it-yourselfers tackle it all. Where does all the knowledge about painting, sanding, and installing originate? A trip to the local library or book store may uncover step-by-step instructions to dramatically change your home’s interior design. Here are three ways that books can help you upgrade your fabulous abode.

Functional Read

Ever think of using a book’s pages as wallpaper? Yes, you can take the pages out of a book. Forget about what the librarian told you. After you buy a book, you may use it however you’d like. Take the book that most inspires you and literally post its pages on the wall in your favourite room. You can’t beat book wallpaper for around-the-clock encouragement. The concept also works with picture books, maps, and other books of interest.

Picture Books

Turn the walls in your home into a pictorial expression. Modern, contemporary, and chic pictures draw your house guests into the story on the wall. Picture wallpaper is a great conversation starter and an excellent way to add uniqueness and ingenuity to a home.


Maps are the old-school way for adults and children to learn geography. With the advent of digital technology, most rely on voice-guided directions to move from one location to another. Literally and figuratively take a page from a map book to bring your walls to geographic life! You may also purchase map wallpaper for walls to save a little bit of time.

Knowledge Rocks!

Books offer a wealth of information. More than 70 per cent of homeowners complete renovation projects without outside assistance. Do-it-yourself home renovation is economical and rewarding. Whether you want to hang wallpaper or lay a carpet, you can do it with a little knowledge and a lot of resourcefulness.


Spark your imagination with exciting pictures, layouts, and concepts. If you’re seeking ideas on how to change the look of your home, interior design books have plenty of examples. Inspiration is at your fingertips. Flip through a book to immerse yourself in creativity. You may just find the perfect look to complement your home.

Home renovation is not for the faint of heart, but books make the journey easier. From decoration ideas to design instructions, books offer readers a way to design and renovate like the professionals do it.