The Medical Advice Platform Which All Readers Will Love

Hello bookies! No, this is not a greeting for people who sell odds, but for lovers of books. Yes, bookies, because who has time for the negative energy required to call people bookworms?

Anyway, lovers of words are often too immersed in the story to even care about being called bookworms. If that is what will prevent them from being bothered, then by all means so be it. It’s just a thing about readers that they hate any kind of disruption.

Be it going to school, hospital, work or a dash to grab groceries, readers just loathe the minutes they have to spend without perusing pages. And that is where the good news in this article lies.

Skip Medical Appointments with the Livi App

The internet has given the world lots of gifts, and it just keeps on giving. The latest gift which all readers will love is an app that allows them to see a General Practitioner without having to leave the comfort of their reading areas.

All that is required is a tap of the app, and a GP appears on the reader’s phone screen, ready to answer any queries and offer advice. By visiting the web address, readers can get an insight into this model of operation. Basically, though, it is a platform actualised by medical experts and IT gurus, teaming up to make medical solutions available to the general populace without inconvenience.

More Time to Read

Book lovers will tell you that there can never be too much time to read; they could always do with a little more. That is the reason you will find them perusing pages, even when they get small windows of time in between daily activities.

The sight of a person going through a book while stuck in traffic, or on the train, is not unfamiliar to many people. The rise of e-books and reading platforms such as the Kindle has made the experience better. It has made it easier to haul books about and read in spaces where physical books may not be accessible.

As such, being able to free a little more time by skipping the trip to the doctor is an opportunity which any reader should grab with both hands. It should need little convincing, really. Actually, any reader would be forgiven for asking why this huge convenience took so long to arrive.

Getting the Livi App is as simple as downloading any other application from the app store. It is currently available for both Android and iOS users in all parts of the world. The app is open for all to use and the GPs have an answer to pretty much every question they receive. This article, however, intends to attract the notice of the book world and readers who will definitely love the idea!