Decorating a Reading Room

Many book fans will often dedicate an entire room in their home for the purpose of reading. When doing so, they will undoubtedly need to decide on a number of interior design options. This is quite important as it can directly influence their reading enjoyment.

The best site to purchase suitable wall art from is Desenio. It has an extensive catalogue of prints that would look great within a personal library. The right image to choose will depend on the individual tastes of the person building the reading room. However, there are a number of broad design tips that are worth following when searching for poster art.

Neutral Colours

You should not fill the walls with extremely bright colours. While this may sound appealing to some people, it is not a suitable environment for reading. This is because the reader’s eyes will likely be drawn away from the page. Instead, it is better to utilise Desenio prints that have neutral colour schemes. This will ensure that the room looks great but is not distracting.

Pictures Relevant to the Story Being Read

If readers plan to create an immersive environment, then they could base their wall art choices on the books they love. For example, if the person is reading a H.P. Lovecraft story, then the wall art may depict outer space. This is the ideal choice for those who want to express their appreciation for a particular setting or genre.

Black and White

Many home designers appreciate black and white posters because they are so versatile. This colour scheme can go well with a plethora of distinctive styles. It will also have longevity. If the designer wishes to repaint the reading room in the future, then they can still hang up the same black and white pictures. Therefore this choice will also be a cost-effective one.

Images That Create Comfort

Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to the pictures that they find comforting. For some people, it is architecture. Others prefer images of nature. Desenio has plenty of options when it comes to the wall art that they sell. Regardless of the designer’s style, they are likely to find a print that suits their vision of a reading room.


Wall art does not have to be solely stylistic in nature. It can also serve a practical purpose. Having a calendar in the library will prove to be very useful. Readers can use it to plan out which books to enjoy in the near future. They could also set reminders for important dates in the literary world, such as festivals, signings and new releases.