10th Craft Galleries Guide

This edition includes 10 interesting essays by makers and gallery owners who had been involved with the Guides for the previous 20 years. Plus  images of work by 400 + makers.


£8 + £3  P & P 

Final Craft Galleries Guide

The final edition is also full of stunning colour photographs of contemporary crafts by over 300 makers, a great resource. 


£8 + £2  P & P

Galleries of Australia & New  Zealand

This unique book provides an opportunity to see the work  of some of the best makers in Australia and New Zealand. Their sophisticated style brings  a completely  new slant to the word  craft.


£8 +£ 1.50  P & P

Second Steps (4th edition)

Although published in 1998, Second  Steps is still regularly bought  by new makers.  They find the case studies, by  established makers and business advisors, are still relevant and helpful. 

Pocket sized  in A5 format.


£4 +  £1 P & P