In the Beginning........

BCF Books was set up in 1992 when I was running my own Contemporary Craft Galleries in East Coker and Salisbury. At the time there did not seem to be anywhere to advertise the galleries in the way I wanted, which was to illustrate the work of my makers. I was encouraged to design my own solution. So the first Craft Galleries Guide was born, the books gave each gallery the chance to write about themselves alongside the work of some of their regular makers, with numerous colour photographs this gave the reader a good idea of what each gallery was offering. The guides were updated every other year and became very popular but after 20 years the internet took over and although many readers preferred having a book, 'to keep in the car', galleries no longer needed the extra publicity, having their own websites.

With a little more time on my hands I returned to study for a contemporary fine art degree, to move myself into the 21st century. It was on the course that I first discovered Artists' Books and felt inspired to promote the extraordinary British Artists who worked in this genre. 

The new Artists' Books are based on the tried and tested format of the successful CGGuides. 


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